We flip the volunteer model

Instead of you having to find an organization, coordinate the logistics, then beg your volunteers to show up. We come to you first!  After listening to you, we'll build an event that is 100% suitable to your needs. All you have to do is show up.


Let us answer your questions


How does SuitUp work?

We will organize a one-day business competition, where your employee volunteers will coach a team of students from a low-income community to solve a business case around a recognizable brand. Students will be divided into teams and will compete to create a new business product/solution. At the end of the event, teams will present their new ideas to business experts and the winning team receives an Amazon gift card!

How many volunteers do we need?

We've run events for as few as 5 volunteers, and as many as 300. Unlike many volunteer events which are dependent on the number of people, SuitUp is flexible. All we need from you is a volunteer turnout range - give us your worst and best case volunteer numbers and we'll find a group of students that can work anywhere in that range!  For example, if you think you'll have a 10-30 person turnout, we'll shoot for 40 students, which is a great ratio regardless!

When can we do a SuitUp event?

Whenever convenient for you!  Typically our events run 10am - 2pm, Monday through Friday, but we've done mornings and afternoons as well.

Where do the events take place?

SuitUp events can be held at any of our school locations, or in your office if you like!  If in a school, we'll find a location easy for your employees to find. If at your office, we'll help you understand the space needed.

How do you find the students/schools?

We partner with leading education organizations to find the students that will benefit the most from SuitUp. Our partners serve a low-income demographic, typically late-middle or early-high school students, have a commitment to our mission and strong in-school leadership to teach to SuitUp programming.

Do we need to do any prep-work?

Hardly any!  Just send an email (we'll provide templates) encouraging your team to show up. If you're hosting in your office, we'll need some help getting into security and booking a room or two, but that's it!

okay but seriously, no prep? how does that work? 

Each volunteer receives a Coach Handbook at the beginning of the SuitUp event (we'll email this out in case you have overachievers who want to prep). This handbook will guide volunteers on how to coach their team through the business competition, and includes scripts, FAQs and tips from SuitUp pros to make sure they have a fun and impactful experience.

How much does SuitUp cost?

For each event, SuitUp requests a $2,000 - $3,000 donation (depending on event size) to our non-profit organization to cover our expenses. These include:

  • Dedicated SuitUp contact throughout the entire competition planning process

  • School sourcing and matching

  • Coach and Student Handbook creation and printing

  • Competition materials - markers, poster board, etc

  • Pizza lunch for all volunteers and students

  • Prize money for the winning student team

  • On-site management of your event

  • Logistics management so there's minimal pre-work for you and your team

  • Customized impact survey data following the event

Can we customize SuitUp around our brand?

Yes!  This is a more comprehensive process, so we'll need some help to understand your brand from your end, but it's an even more rewarding experience!  For custom competitions, please email our Executive Director, Lauren Reillywho can help build the most effective program.